• Southern Middle School’s school counseling program is a part of the curriculum, consistent with the district’s concern for the growth and development of each pupil. Some activities are conducted by classroom teachers in cooperation with school counselors; others are conducted by counselors working with students or groups of students.

    The middle school has two full-time, certified counselors on staff. Students are assigned to one of the counselors based on their grade and will stay with that counselor throughout middle school.

    Students are free to make appointments by contacting their counselor before or after school or during a study period. The counselor will issue a signed guidance pass stating the appointment time. The student will present the pass to the teacher for approval. Students may request appointments with their counselor by using e-hall pass, emailing, or completing a Request to See the Counselor Google Form. Counselors schedule non-urgent appointments during times of the day that do not interfere with core instruction time. Counselors offer individual and small group lunch sessions, if requested by students. Acute mental health and other safety concerns are addressed by the school team with priority.

    Parent communication is encouraged with the school counselors to discuss their child’s academic progress, social-emotional needs, and career and college readiness. Parents are encouraged to reach out to the school counselors through email, and phone. The counselors welcome face-to-face meetings, as needed.

    Contact information:

    8th-grade/Class of 2028 Students: Mr. Jason Katz - Extension 3523;
    7th-grade/Class of 2029 Students: Mrs. Lisa Hall – Extension 3522;
    General Information: Mrs. Joan Alley, Administrative Assistant - Extension 3520;