SYCSD Curriculum


    Southern York County School District is excited to announce a significant development that will positively impact our educational journey – the introduction of the new Eduplanet21 Curriculum Blueprint.  This Blueprint is a work in progress and will continually be updated as the curriculum is transferred from our old system to the new platform.  

    At Southern York County School District, we are committed to providing our students with a dynamic and engaging learning experience that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future to become career and college-ready.  The Eduplanet21 Curriculum Blueprint is a testament to this commitment, representing a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to curriculum design and delivery. In an effort to be transparent in our curriculum, we have moved to this new platform to provide our community with a curriculum designed using the Understanding by Design format. This is a research-based curriculum that aligns with our progress toward providing a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.

    Eduplanet21 Curriculum Blueprint: The blueprint is under construction and will be updated on a regular basis.  A link to the blueprint, once available, will be posted on the website.

    To learn more about the curriculum offered, please contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Kimberly Hughes, or Assistant Superintendent Dr. Len Reppert at 717-235-4811 Ext. 7230. View the ESSA Federal Report.

    To learn more about the Educator Induction Plan, click here.