Gifts May Be Donated in Many Ways

  • For any of these programs, please contact School District administration at 717-235-4811 ext. 7278.

    The Southern York County community has a long history of working in a collaborative manner to enhance the opportunities for students. To this end, gifts for scholarships, projects, equipment, and supplies may be donated in many ways:

    General Contributions:
    Non-specific contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and are used to fund our general scholarship program. We encourage donors to give general contributions.

    Endowment Program: Foundation endowment funds are managed by the York County Community Foundation and are designated to support specific scholarship programs for perpetuity. The endowment funds now have approximately $1.2 million in assets, including both the Dollars for Scholars and the Hester Hemminger Endowments.
    If you want the annual earnings from your gift to be directed to a named scholarship, we ask that the gift be $10,000 or more. We use an earnings assumption of 5% so that an endowment of that amount will fund $500 annually. Named endowments will be shown separately in our financial reports, and recognition will be made, as you direct, at the time of annual distribution.

    Named Scholarships:
    This is a wonderful way to honor someone or one of your favorite organizations. You may establish a scholarship fund using criteria you select. We ask that annual awards be a minimum of $500. In addition, many of our donors have chosen to give to an already named scholarship to increase the value of the scholarship.

    Susquehannock Innovative Grant Program:
    This is a partnership between Susquehannock High School Student Council and the Foundation. This program funds grants for innovative classroom or extracurricular initiatives.

    Employer Gift Matching Program:
    We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization and qualify for most employer gift matching programs. We will happily assist with any necessary paperwork. 

    Tree Dedication Program:
      The Foundation sponsors a program that allows a donor to honor or memorialize an individual, organization, or event by dedicating a tree on the Susquehannock, Friendship, or Shrewsbury campuses. Click here for more information.

    Peggy Kingman Memorial Welfare Fund:
    Donations are used for the School District’s welfare fund. This fund continues to be a preference for donors wishing to help our students in need with items such as eye glasses, backpacks, and lunch money.

    PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit:
    The PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program gives tax credits to businesses contributing to scholarship organizations and/or educational improvement organizations that are approved by the Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) under Act 48. The Southern York County School District Foundation is an approved organization.

    A gift to the Southern York County School District Foundation can provide your business with a substantial tax credit through the EITC program. At the same time, you can impact the quality of our schools by providing additional opportunities for our children. 

    For more detailed information on how you can help, click on the related link for online donations or contact Foundation staff at 717-235-4811 ext. 7278.

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