Equity Partnerships

  • McDaniel College: Masters Program
    McDaniel College has partnered with SYCSD to provide a Graduate Coursework program on Equity and Excellence in Education.
    Courses include:

    • Foundations of Social Justice
    • Race and Ethnicity in American Education
    • Culturally Reflective Instruction
    • Leadership for Equity and Excellence
    • Research and Planning for Equity and Excellence

    SYCSD has partnered with the JCC, Jewish Community Center, to provide training for both staff and students through the IDEAS Center (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Social Change). This is a department of the York JCC, whose mission is to bring together diversity and inclusion resources, organizations, and influence together in a coordinated manner to increase these programs’ impact, to address multiple barriers to equity, lay the groundwork for collaboration and make deeper and wider impact in our county.

    Leadership York:
    Leadership for Diverse Schools Course- This course allows Educators to learn how to interact more effectively with diverse populations of students, parents, and colleagues. The program fosters understanding, acceptance, and tolerance so the participants can be leaders in helping to build culturally proficient communities within their districts. Leadership for Diverse Schools is presented by Leadership York, and was developed in collaboration with the York Jewish Community Center.

    Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission:
    The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has supported SYCSD with providing dialogue and guidance on equitable opportunities for all students. In addition, PHRC provided Bias Training for District Staff Development.

    Presentation and Support for Culture Con:

    • Daniel Trust: Daniel is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and immigrated to the United States as a refugee at the age of 15. As an international speaker, Daniel has spoken to thousands of people in Asia and at high schools, colleges, and conferences throughout the United States. As a youth advocate, he has provided mentorship and scholarships to hundreds of talented low-income youth who identify as first generation college students, refugees, and members of the LGBTQ Community. Daniel Trust’s story and work with youth has been featured in local, national, and international publications and has appeared on various TV and radio programs.
    • Quay Hanna: Quay's speaking career began in 1997 after a major racial incident at Penn Manor High School in Lancaster, PA. At that first assembly, he shared about his book, Bus America: Revelation of a Redneck; a memoir which chronicles his 9-week, 37-state journey around the country by Greyhound bus. Through specific stories about his childhood, his life, and the bus trip, he captivated the audience with how and why he abandoned his racist views as he interacted with a wide range of people all over America. Since that initial assembly, he's done more than 1,300 presentations in over a dozen states and 3 countries. His simple and honest approach to race relations has made him a popular speaker known for his ability to connect with very diverse audiences.
    • Jan Wilson is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Sparrow Place, a non-profit organization for survivors of human trafficking.
    • Weary Arts Group is a community outreach center dedicated to the advancement of arts education for students of all ages in York and beyond. Composed of artists, educators, and community leaders, the organization recognizes the power the arts have to transform a community. Building a wide range of specialty arts-based classes with a living curriculum serves people of all ages in York County.
    • Deb Smith is a retired music teacher that has a BS in Music Education and a MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. In addition, Deb is a USHMM Teacher Fellow, JFR Fellow, and travelled to Germany and Poland with the HAJRTP. She lives in Hanover with her husband, Andy. Deb has two daughters, two sons-in-law and two precious grandchildren. Currently, Deb is employed by the York JCC as Program Director of Holocaust Education.
    • Carla Christopher is a poet-activist, cultural competency trainer, and ordained redevelopment pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Carla was the 4th Poet Laureate of York, PA and has toured the globe as a performer, published and award-winning author, public speaker, and workshop facilitator / trainer in areas of creative writing and storytelling, advocacy and activism, community engagement, survivor empowerment, and diversity or cultural competency.
    • Ben Hooper is an attorney at the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center. In 2020, Ben will become a supervising attorney for the Pennsylvania Immigrant Family Unity Project, a pilot project offering legal representation to all immigrants in removal proceedings in detention at York County Prison. Ben previously worked at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence where he coordinated the Civil Legal Representation Initiative, providing legal service to victims of domestic violence in twenty-two counties across Pennsylvania. Sonia Pitzi is the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 region coordinator for Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness.
    • Rabyia Ahmed was born in Pakistan, is from New York City, and currently resides in York. She is passionate about diversity education and breaking stereotypes about women in Islam. She is an academic advisor and adjunct professor at the Harrisburg Area Community College, York campus.

    Responsive Classrooms:
    Responsive Classroom is a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline. It is comprised of a set of research, and evidence-based practices designed to create safe, joyful, and engaging classrooms and school communities for both students and teachers.