District Mission Statement

  • District Mission Statement:
    The Southern York County School District, through a cooperative effort with the family and community, will provide a quality learning environment that promotes character, fosters responsibility and challenges students to achieve their potential.

    District Vision Statement:
    Our vision of the Southern York County School District is that of a dynamic organization that will work in partnership with the family and community and will continuously strive to develop productive, contributing, responsible citizens capable of meeting the global challenges of the future.

    District Educational Values:

    1. Learning is a lifelong process and everyone can learn.
    2. Every person is entitled to the equitable opportunity for education that transcends all barriers.
    3. Collaboration between students, staff, family, and community is essential for the social and academic education.
    4. Education includes intellectual, social, emotional, cultural and physical development of students.
    5. Students thrive in an environment where they feel safe, are connected, and where there is a respect for individual diversity.
    6. Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are the foundation of the learning process.
    7. There is value in diversity and each student has a unique and innate value.
    8. Teaching the process of learning, which requires various levels of thinking, is as important as teaching the content.
    9. High expectations are an integral part of the learning process.
    10. Practical, applicable learning skills, knowledge, and abilities should provide the foundation for the teaching process.