Trip and Tour Information

  • Due to our current hybrid and full virtual learning options, we will only be utilizing Trip and Tour Days toward in-person absence dates. If your child will be working virtually while on the educational trip, you do not need to submit the dates they normally work virtually for approval.

    If your child will not be able to access the internet, or you do not plan for your child to complete virtual work while on vacation, then please submit all dates for approval. 

    In addition, there is currently an order from the Secretary of Health requiring travelers over age 11, who are returning home from locations outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to produce evidence of a negative Covid-19 test or place themselves in travel quarantine for 14 days upon entering, unless they receive a negative Covid-19 test result during the 14 day quarantine.  This applies to those who traveled outside the state for more than 24 hours.   If you have questions regarding this order, please contact your child's school nurse.

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