Current SHS students must make requests through Naviance as they are processed through the Counseling Office. In addition to making a formal request through Naviance, students must complete the "Letter of Recommendation Send Request Form." This is to make sure that the correct teacher letters are sent to the correct schools. This is important in the event that a school you’ve applied to limits the number of letters that you are allowed to submit; it tells your counselor which teacher' letters you want sent to which school and in what order of preference. Both steps are required in order for counselors to send letters of recommendation.

    Due to the many roles and responsibilities of our administrative assistants and school counselors, our office may need up to five (5) days to process letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation will be sent electronically through Naviance eDocs when applicable or through traditional mail if no other means are available.

    Steps For Requesting A Letter of Recommendation For A College/University:
    1. Complete or update the Information for Recommendations survey in Naviance
           A. (Initials Circle → Surveys from your School).
    2. Make a request for a letter of recommendation to the teacher in person.
           A. Allow them 2 to 3 weeks to write a strong letter.
           B. Please note that many Common App schools require a letter from your school counselor.
    3. If the teacher agrees to write one, then make a formal request in Naviance
           A. (Colleges → Letters of Recommendation).
    4. Complete the FERPA waiver for Naviance and on Common App (if applicable).
    5. Submit the Letter of Recommendation Send Request Form for the 2021-2022 school year.
    6. Allow 5 business days for the request to process after the teacher has uploaded their letter.