College readiness helps provide students with early momentum towards long-term college success. Naviance helps students and families explore postsecondary education options, identifying colleges and universities that meet their search criteria and best fit a student’s academic and personal profile. It works to empower students to set their own higher education goals and help them hit each college prep milestone, from scheduling the SATs to creating a list of their favorite colleges. Easily identify when more hands-on coaching is needed, to quickly get students back on track. With thoughtful support and guidance, paired with the right set of tools, students can tackle every step of their college exploration journey. Under the "Find Your Fit / College Research" section (accessible from the colleges tab at the top of the page) students will have access to the following tools to help further research colleges.

    Find Your Fit / College Research Section

    Naviance can help make the process of finding the right college just a little easier. Using Naviance tools, you can locate the schools that most fit with your interests, passions, and criteria. Once you’ve narrowed down a group of colleges, multiple tools are available to understand more about that school in general and as a prospect. 

    College Page.png


    College Visits: View and Register to attend an upcoming visit from the College Visits page.  For each visit, the date/time, institution, and location will display. If the visit is a virtual visit, you will have access to click on the link to join the virtual meeting room 15 minutes before the meeting start time. Use View Details to see more information regarding a visit, such as the rep’s name or any instructions provided by your school. Only the next two or three scheduled visits show on the Find Your Fit/ College Research page. If you want to see the complete list of visits please click on "Show More."

    SuperMatch™: Use this tool to receive a list of best-fit schools based on criteria that you deem as important in your college search. SuperMatch™ can be used to save searches and return to them later.

    College Match: See and quickly favorite the other schools that students are applying to when they have also applied to a school from your favorites list. Additionally, check out other colleges that have accepted students with stats like your own. 

    College Events: Browse for and sign up for college events. These events are not at SHS. As of 2021, many of these events can also be virtual in nature. You can use filtering features to find relevant events, view college profiles, and sign up for events. 

    Scattergrams:  A scattergram is a graph used to help you analyze how you fit in with other students from your high school who have been accepted, waitlisted, or denied admittance to a school based on GPA and test scores. Scattergrams are an excellent way to see the average statistics of students from SHS accepted to a school in comparison to the general acceptance statistics for a school.

    Advance College Search: Using multiple categories (2-Year/4-Year, Public/Private, Location/Distance, Student Life, Admissions Statistics/Rates, Athletics, Available Majors/Minors, Costs, Special Programs), answer questions to identify colleges that match your interests.

    College Lookup: Lookup and favorite school(s) by multiple filters including name, country, state, or college group. Easily favorite using the heart symbol next to the college.

    College Compare: College compare averages are for students from your high school that have been accepted to that particular college since 2014. Averages have a green checkmark when your number is higher and red “x” when your number is lower. Your PSAT score, if available, has been converted to the equivalent SAT score and compared to the average single SAT score of an accepted student. 

    College Acceptance History:  An alphabetical list of colleges where someone from your school has been accepted and/or enrolled over a
    time span.

    Enrichment Programs: Locate enrichment programs provided by your school to view extracurricular opportunities in your community.

    College Maps:  View an interactive map of schools based on a list of different pre-defined criteria. For example, you can see a
    map of the colleges from your Colleges I’m Thinking About list. Some other map categories include Top 20 most popular colleges where SHS students applied, colleges where SHS students are attending, 5-year combined BA/MBA programs, and more.