Career readiness education is vital in supporting students, no matter which pathway they choose. Whether students enroll in a higher education institution, enroll in the military, enter the workforce, or utilize a combination of these, the end goal is that they pursue a fulfilling and meaningful career. Naviance enables students to explore various careers, engage in work-based learning opportunities, and build an individual plan toward their future goals. Features within Naviance help students match potential career paths to their strengths and interests, learn about career requirements and wages, and prepare a resume. Under the "Explore Careers" section (accessible from the careers tab at the top of the page) students will have access to the following tools to help further research careers.

    Career Research Section

    Under this section, students can find detailed information about varying careers and will use it heavily during career seminar. They will see a list of careers which can be sorted by "Title," "Education," or "Salary" information. Careers can also be filtered by education, national salary, career cluster, and more. Additionally, each career can be selected to get more information. This information includes the required skills and experiences for the job, wage/salary information, and upcoming SHS or local events related to this career. Students can even save careers that they're interested in as "favorites" so their counselor and teachers can help them further explore.

    Career 1

     Clusters and Pathways Section

    Under this section, students can find detailed information about various career clusters and their related pathways. They will see a list of the 16 Career Clusters from the National Career Clusters Framework listed in alphabetical order. By clicking each one, the Career Pathways that fall under that cluster will be displayed. Each Career Pathway can be selected to get more information. This information includes employment outlook, typical credentials, related careers, related college majors, and a suggested course plan for high school.

    Career 2

    Work-Based Learning Section

    Under this section students will be able to enhance their career research and planning, ultimately paving the way for them to meet their future career goals. Work-based learning offers the opportunity to help students determine if their interests lead to a good career fit including career speaker visits to SHSjob shadow opportunities, internship opportunities, part-time work experiences and more.

    Career 3