Personality type, strengths, and interests are foundational to students’ education, career, and life goals. Assessments in Naviance focus on a student's strengths, talents, and interests to help instill self-confidence for today and the future. Creating connections between skills, interests, and long-term goals helps students to know where to begin, and to realize their own future success. Under the "Self-Discovery" section (accessible from the self-discovery tab at the top of the page) students will have access to the following tools to help further research careers.

    Self-Discovery Options From Naviance

    Naviance can help make the process of self-discovery for college and career purposes a lot more convenient for students still trying to figure things out. Using the numerous tests and inventories available in Naviance, you can develop a better understanding of yourself and how this relates to your potential post-secondary options. You can complete most of these test/inventories at any point throughout high school but will have to complete them as a sophomore in Career Seminar.  

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    StrengthsExplorer®: StrengthsExplorer® will help uncover your talents and reveal your potential strengths to you and the people in your world. The assessment will take approximately 20 minutes and includes 78 questions. This inventory cannot be reset by your counselor so it should ONLY be completed in Career Seminar.

    AchieveWorks Intelligences®: Formerly called MI Advantage, AchieveWorks Intelligences® helps you uncover your different intelligences and explains how to use them. The assessment will take approximately 15 minutes and includes 54 questions.

    AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity®: Formerly called Learning Styles Inventory, AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity® helps you identify your sensory and mindset preferences so you can develop study practices that work for you. Find out how you learn the best and how you can be most productive. The assessment will take approximately 20 minutes and includes 69 questions.

    AchieveWorks Personality®: Formerly called Do What You Are, AchieveWorks Personality® helps you identify your personality type by asking you to choose scenarios that best represent how you behave in real life. The assessment will take approximately 15 minutes and has 36 scenarios.

    Career Cluster Finder: In the Career Cluster Finder, you’ll indicate activities and school subjects that you like or dislike and personal
    qualities that you possess. The assessment will take approximately 20 minutes and includes 108 questions.

    Career Interest Profiler: Career Interest Profiler captures your interests to help determine your personality traits and suggests careers based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s data. The assessment will take about 15 minutes and includes 60 questions about your interests

    Career Key: Career Key helps you identify your traits, best match work environments, and related careers by asking you questions
    about your interests. The assessment will take approximately 10 minutes.