The Graduation Project is a major task that must be completed successfully as part of the students’ graduation requirements. Students are required to work with school counselors and faculty to complete the project. Each year students are required to complete certain tasks as both part of the project and to demonstrate career development as part of the Future Ready Index requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The goal of the project is to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate career information and communicate their knowledge and understanding of the researched career(s). As an 11th grade student you are required to:

    • Complete the Junior Post-Secondary Survey in Naviance within the first two (2) months of 11th grade.
    • Complete two (2) field experiences* and submit a typed reflection for each field experience to Naviance.

    *A field experience can be a job shadow, visiting a career fair, visiting a post-secondary campus, attending an education/college fair, or holding part-time employment. Examples of the reflection documents can be found below with links to make copies.

    Click Here To Copy The Field Experience Reflection Document Below

    Click Here To Copy The Part-Time Job Reflection Document Below 


    If You Need To Be Excused From A Day Of School For A Field Experience Then Click Here To Copy The Graduation Project Absence Excusal Form