The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) recommends that all comprehensive K-12 school counseling programs have an Advisory Council. An Advisory Council is a group of stakeholders that meet twice a year to help guide and reflect on the direction of the SYCSD K-12 School Counseling Program. Stakeholders on the Advisory Council include college admission counselors, local business owners, SYCSD parents, building administrators, SYCSD alumni, current faculty, and the SYCSD school counselors. The council should accurately represent the dynamics of the community, as well as include representatives who are affected by the school counseling program. The members of the Advisory Council will

    • Make recommendations about the school counseling program.
    • Advise on goals for the school counseling program.
    • Review the status and results of the program and its goals.
    • Advocate on behalf of the school counseling program for funding and resources
    • Advocate and engage in public relations on behalf of the school counseling program.


    If you are interested in serving on the SYCSD K-12 School Counseling Advisory Council then please email shscounselor@sycsd.org.