Community Education

  • Community Education

    Throughout the year, the Southern York County School District offers a variety of enrichment classes for students and adults. Adult Education classes, held in the afternoon and evening, include physical fitness, wellness, and enrichment programs.

    Through a partnership with the Southern Branch YMCA, adults may participate in many physical fitness classes at a reduced cost.  Physical fitness classes consist of sports and exercise classes. This allows the District to keep its prices down while offering classes through the YMCA’s certified staff.

    As part of their membership fee, YMCA members may take these exercise classes at a reduced cost or free of charge, depending on the location of the class.

    For more information about the Adult Education program, please click here.

    Student Enrichment programs take place after school and in the evening and allow students to explore a variety of topics in greater detail.

    For more information about the Student Enrichment program, please click here.