2021: Amy Furman Class of '06

  • Glenn Geiple - 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award

    The Susquehannock High School Alumni Association has awarded Glenn Geiple, a 1972 graduate of Susquehannock High School, the 2022 Susquehannock High School Distinguished
    Alumni Award. Glenn’s first six years of education were spent at Glen Rock Elementary School (now closed) and he then attended Susquehannock High School for grades 7 through 12. His class was the last to spend six years at Susquehannock. While at Susquehannock, he was actively involved in the Student Council, and during his senior
    year he served as president. Glenn remembers running the concession stand and has memories of the Fun Fair, both being large fundraising events at the time. Under his leadership,
    the class of ‘72 was involved in financing the walls at the entrance to the main campus. In eighth grade, Glenn began working for one of his family’s businesses, Geiple’s Furniture
    Store. However, it would be another family business, Geiple’s Funeral Home that would shape his future. Thinking back to first grade, he recalls telling his teacher he wanted to grow up to be a funeral director.

    After graduation, he attended Brandywine College and then earned a degree from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in 1975. He then worked full-time at the funeral home and took
    over for his father in 1990, selling the business in 2020. Glenn was a member of the Glen Rock 150th Anniversary Committee, a past president of Southern York County Rotary, and a former
    director of the Glen Rock State Bank Board. Glenn has been a member of the board of directors of the Southern York County School District Foundation since 2002, serving as president since 2005. The Foundation started as an organization with $10,000 in annual revenue and with Glenn leading the way, it has grown to one with over $400,000 in annual revenue and an endowment approaching $1 million. The Foundation distributed more than $140,000 in scholarships in 2021. He is also active in the Susquehannock High School Alumni Association.