The Susquehannock Alumni Association is proud to present the 13th annual Alumni Spirit Award to Mr. Doug Truscott and Mr. Tony Sorice. This award is presented to an individual who exemplifies outstanding school spirit and is an example of a true Warrior. This year, the Alumni Association is pleased to present this award to not one, but two individuals who exemplify outstanding school spirit and are both examples of true Warriors. 

    When you think of pairs; certain things come to mind, left and right, peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers, Mario and Luigi, and a pair of long-time Susquehannock family members. From 1986 until 2017, thousands of students have experienced the highs and lows of games of matball and learned countless aspects of health and physical fitness from this powerhouse duo. Not only has this pair contributed so much to the lives of Susquehannock students, but they have also played a major role in athletics at Susquehannock High School. The sports they’ve coached and supported include; cross country, basketball, football, softball, and wrestling.