• James & Peggy Kingman
    Jim was a founding member of the Southern York County School District Foundation and was an advocate for its affiliation as a local Dollars for Scholars chapter. He served as a foundation director for nearly 10 years and helped guide it through its difficult formative period. He was a tireless advocate of foundation causes and inspired others by example and a quiet leadership style. Jim and his wife, Peggy, were most passionate about funding the Southern York County School District Welfare Fund, where his support created an effective student safety net aiding countless youngsters. Because of this vision, the Welfare Fund will continue its record as an effective part of the Southern York County service community.

    Robert Williams
    Bob served as the SYCSD Treasurer in the Foundation’s early years and was a founding member of the Susquehannock High School Alumni Council. The results of the countless hours he spent researching and creating an alumni data base were instrumental in forming the school’s alumni association, now totaling over 1,100 members. The Association has become an integrated part of the Foundation’s organization structure and its success has been a key factor in Foundation growth and responsible for the creation, continuation and completion of many programs, including the ambitious field house project.

    Robert Wolf
    Through Bob’s leadership, the Class of 1958 has thrived as one of the SHS Alumni Association’s most cohesive class organizations. His affection for Susquehannock and his respect for its ideals have set a benchmark by example that few in the Foundation’s life have approached. He is responsible for creating two important scholarships in the Dollars for Scholars program, both consistent with his strong connection with school values. One honors his former coach and mentor – Bob McCoy – and another honors a fallen soldier in the Iraq war, Eric Gonzales, an SHS alumnus. His example of honoring individuals through scholarship has served as a prototype for the Foundations “honor and memorial” program.