• Chuck Abbott and Stacey Sidle
    As the Foundation was struggling to find a “signature event,” with no success, Chuck and Stacey took matters into their own hands and created the “Battle of The Buildings” in 2009. The inaugural event was so well received, it immediately became a highlight of the academic year. Its significant financial success in support of scholarships is rivaled by its contribution to district unity and awareness of Foundation programs.

    Friendship Elementary School PTO
    In its early days, the Foundation was trying to define itself, in part, as an umbrella organization for community groups seeking to establish a legacy of endowed scholarships. The Friendship Elementary School PTO stepped forward as a leader in this effort by creating a perpetual funding vehicle for one of its awards, the first Foundation supporting organization to do so.

    Southern Elementary School PTO
    As the Foundation sought to create momentum for its organizational endowment initiative, it turned to the Southern Elementary School PTO. Acceptance was immediate and enthusiastic – so much so that the PTO’s funding plan was completed a year ahead of schedule and a second program was endowed shortly after, guaranteeing the organization’s entire future scholarship commitment.

    Southern York County Education Association
    The character of Southern York County School District has long been defined by the professional staff’s commitment to district mission. The SYCEA’s leadership in support of the Foundation’s scholarship program is only one demonstration of that commitment. By creating a perpetual endowment, the association has ensured that a financial legacy will endure in the SYCEA name, one that will assist deserving students in their pursuit of higher education.

    Women’s Club of Glen Rock
    The history of the school district’s scholarship program – well before the Foundation’s existence – begins with the Women’s Club of Glen Rock, its scholarship being one of the district’s very first. When the Foundation began, the club quickly joined the effort by continuing scholarship support as a focus of its fund raising efforts. It recently ensured annual future funding by committing most of its treasury to creating a perpetual endowment.