• Red & Black Volleyball
    During its life, this organization facilitated competitive athletic opportunities to area females committed to volleyball. In its dissolution, it ensured its service would continue by partnering with the Foundation to create a scholarship endowment supporting like-minded athletes seeking to continue their education.

    Schultz Family
    One of the Foundation’s most inspiring and emotional stories is that of Schultz family. Losing a son in a tragic accident, the family decided to use the money they were saving for his college education to create an endowment so that others would be helped in their endeavor. The resultant scholarship honors the memory of Stephen Schultz, III and the qualities he embodied in his lifetime.

    Shrewsbury Elementary School PTO
    This school organization, since its creation, has annually funded a scholarship through the Foundation’s community partner program. Their effort employed a variety of creative projects.

    Southern York County Rotary
    This service organization chose to direct a substantial portion of its treasury creating an endowment that funds multiple scholarships to area students. Its commitment to this program was so strong that it supported the program with supplemental funding from its local treasury during the recent period of earnings decline. This Rotary chapter lives its motto “Service Above Self.”