Public Safety Information – Use of Audio and Video Monitoring Equipment

  • Protecting the safety of students, staff and others on school buses and school property is a paramount concern to the Southern York County School District.  Safeguarding school property and maintaining student discipline are also very important goals.

    To help achieve these objectives, the Board authorizes the use of audio and video monitoring equipment in school buses, and in “public areas” on school property. The Board is mindful of privacy issues, and laws prohibiting interception of oral communications where the speaker has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    Please note there should be no expectation of privacy with respect to actions or oral communications recorded.  Images and sounds recorded using the audio and video monitoring equipment may be used as evidence in disciplinary proceedings conducted by the school district. Such information also may be shared with law enforcement officials, if school officials reasonably believe that it constitutes evidence of a crime.

    For additional information, please refer to Policy 705.1.