Use of Students’ Photos for Publicity

  • Throughout the school year, the Southern York County School District may have opportunities to share newsworthy information and/or pictures of its students with local newspapers and throughout various District publications or videotaped productions. In addition, the District maintains a Web page for use by students, school personnel, and community members. At times, we may wish to share newsworthy information about our students, using names, photos, and/or student work (drawings, poems, creative writings, etc.) on our Web pages.

    If the opportunity arises for your child to be part of a news event, we shall assume we have your implied consent to use their name and/or picture, unless you provide us with prior written notice to the contrary. If you prefer that your child’s name and/or identifiable picture (name printed in caption of a group or individual photo, or identified in some other manner), or appearance in any videotaped productions not be used, please send a letter to your child’s building principal. The letter should state that you do not wish your child’s name or identifiable picture be used in any District publication, news items sent to the local media, or on the District’s Web page, nor do you want your child to appear in any videotaped productions.