Family and Medical Leave Act

  • The purpose of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is to enable employees to be absent from work without losing certain benefits for a designated number of workweeks during a twelve (12) month period.

    Employee requests for FMLA leave will be processed in accordance with law, Board policy and the district’s administrative regulations.

    Shown below for all employees to access are the SYCSD FMLA Administrative Regulations, the SYCSD Employee Request for Leave Form and the FMLA Medical Certification Forms.  The Administrative Regulations detail the entire program.  The Request Form must be used to request Leave and is set-up as a form for you to complete on the computer and print.  The proper Medical Certification form must be completed by your physician and returned to us within 15 days of your notification.

    Any questions on this policy can be directed to Lori Wooldridge, Human Resources Coordinator.

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