Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who May Attend the Digital Academy?

    The Southern York Digital Academy is accepting enrollments for any student who resides in our District.

    Who pays the costs for the Southern York County Digital Academy?

    The funding for the District's Digital Academy is from the same sources as the regular "brick and mortar" schools in the district.  The Digital Academy is a public school and is free to the residents of Southern York County School District.  All materials necessary for the school will be provided by the District to the families.

    Why Attend the Digital Academy?

    In addition to providing individualized scheduling and pacing for students, the Southern York Digital Academy is able to offer additional unique opportunities that are unavailable from any non-public cyber-charter school.
    • The teachers for the Digital Academy are from Southern's staff which is made up of 100% highly qualified/certified teachers.
    • A fully blended approach to learning. All students have the opportunity to participate in any district run program such as art and design, technical education, music, athletics, etc.  Students would be part of the Southern Community and would have access to all opportunities afforded to students that attend our elementary, middle and high schools.
    • Students who graduate from the Digital Academy will receive a Susquehannock High School diploma and will be able to walk at commencement ceremonies with the rest of the graduating class.
    • The Digital Academy is designed to foster a collaborative partnership, allowing prospective students and families to access the District's resources and services in a way that suits their individual needs.

    What is the curriculum?

    In collaboration with our Southern York County School District highly qualified teachers, the Digital Academy has partnered with two curriculum providers, K12 ( for students in grades K-6 and Edgenuity ( for students in grades 7-12. The online curriculum has been aligned to our rigorous in-school Southern York County School District curriculum.  The curriculum creates differentiated and customized assignments to personalize instruction for each student.   

    What if my child has/needs an IEP?

    The Digital Academy is fully equipped and staffed with special education teachers who are ready and able to support the individual needs of all students.  

    How do we enroll?

    Enrolling your child in the Southern York Digital Academy is a very easy process, and we will work with you to complete the necessary steps.  
    In order to learn more about our Digital Academy or enroll your student, please contact your child’s home elementary school:

    Friendship Elementary School: 717-235-4811, ext. 1500

    Shrewsbury Elementary School: 717-235-4811, ext. 5500

    Southern Elementary School: 717-235-4811, ext.  2500