For Juniors - College and Career Planning for Juniors

  • The following are a list of recommendations from the SHS Guidance Office to help you stay on track your junior year.


                For students who want to attend college, trade, or technical school:


    -          Sign up to take the PSAT/NMSQT in October.  The PSAT will be administered at Susquehannock on a Saturday and not during the week.  This is an excellent way to prepare for the SAT and will give you an idea of what skills you can concentrate on in preparation for the SAT in the spring.

    -          Use on-line tools and personal contacts to find out what type of education you will need for the career(s) you are considering.  Arrange for job shadowing on your own or through the Guidance Office to get a better idea of what the career entails.  Some useful web sites are (log in information is available in the Guidance Office),, ,,

    -          Begin making a list of colleges, trade or technical schools.  Go to their website to find out more about admission requirements, courses, etc.

    -          Register and take the SAT and/or ACT in the spring.  For more information check on-line at,, and  Check with colleges to see if you have to send your scores directly from the testing company or whether a copy may be submitted with your transcript.  You may send up to six score reports free if you apply on line (four free score reports if you apply with a paper application).

    -          Be thinking about who you will ask to write letters of recommendation for you.  Organize a list of the activities you have participated in within the community and the school.  Note any leadership positions you have held.

    -           Use the Scholarship Search at or  to find out about scholarships.  Companies that ask you to pay for the opportunity to apply for scholarship are likely to be a scam.

    -          Use the FAFSA4caster to help plan for the financial challenges of higher education by accessing

    -          If you intend on playing sports at the collegiate level, be sure to register at at the end of your junior year.  After registering you will need to download forms that authorize the release of the your transcript to the NCAA.  Be sure to have both the student and parent signature on this form when you submit it to the Guidance Office for processing.  Please allow five business days to process this transcript request.


                For students who desire full-time employment after graduation:


    -          Take the opportunity to shadow in the area of employment that you want to pursue.  This may help you to decide for or against pursuing a specific occupation.

    -          Take advantage of apprenticeships where you can learn a skill while being paid.  For more information look on line at or  Do your research now so you can make the right contacts in your senior year.

    -          If you have the time to get a part-time job, try to find something that will allow you to learn about a career you are interested in.

    -          Create or update your resume in order to be prepared as you learn of new employment opportunities.  You can construct a resume using

    -          Most employers are willing to train you if you are willing to be at work everyday and on time.  Make sure you get in this habit now.


                For students who want to enter a branch of military service:


    -          Contact a recruiter for the specific branch of interest.  Local information can be found on-line.  US Army (, US Navy (, US Air Force (, US Marines (, US Coast Guard (, US Merchant Marine (, ROTC (

    -          Find out when the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is being administered at SHS and how to prepare for the test.  Your scores will determine what jobs you can choose from in each branch of service.  More information and on-line preparation for this and other standardized tests can be accessed at and

    -          If you are applying for an appointment to a military academy, you will need a nomination from a local Congressman.  Contact your local legislator’s office to get the application and find out the deadlines for application.


    Make sure you understand the physical requirements needed for each branch of the service.  Work toward meeting those requirements before you begin basic training.