• Naviance/Family Connection is a software program accessible from the Susquehannock High School Counseling Department website. Susquehannock requires students to use the Naviance/Family Connection program in the Career Seminar class, for tracking their Graduation Project, and during the college application process in order to manage communications between SGS and college admissions offices, including letters of recommendation.

    This program also allows students and their parents to determine the student’s learning styles and career interest and research colleges and careers to assist with post-secondary planning. Parents and their students each have their own “log in” for Naviance/Family Connection and can use the program independently.

    Log on information and a guide to navigate the various components of Naviance has been uploaded. If you have any questions, please let your student’s school counselor know.

    Selected Naviance Features to Explore:



    How To Access


    • Record your high school activities, awards, volunteer experience, etc.

    • Rearrange your information into multiple printable versions of a résumé that you can use to present to potential employers or colleges in the future

    1. Click the About Me tab.

    2. Click the Résumé

    hyperlink under the Interesting Things About Me section.

    College Search

    • Set search criteria to yield a list of colleges to explore. Save your search to access or change later.

    • Click on the various tabs of the college profile to learn more information.

    • Add colleges you’re interested in to your “College I’m Interested In” list for future use.

    1. Click the Colleges tab.

    2. Click the College Search

    or SuperMatch hyperlinks

    under the College Research section.


    Visually see our chances of getting into a college based on the acceptance results of past SHS students.

    1. Click the Colleges tab.

    2. Click the Scattergrams hyperlinks under the College Research section.


    1. Click on a specific college’s page.

    2. Click the Admissions subtab and scroll down.


    Scholarship opportunities that we’re made aware of and placed into our Scholarship Bulleting are updated on Naviance throughout the year. Scholarships are listed by name, deadline, award amount, merit or need-based, and application requirements; click on a column header to sort entries. You can also browse by type or category.

    1. Click the Colleges tab.

    2. Click the Scholarship List

    hyperlink under the Scholarships & Money section.

    Summer Enrichment Programs

    This database lists entries by type but also allows you to browse by special interest as

    well as search by keywords like the name, location, etc.

    You can learn about program dates and costs, any requirements, and click links to the sponsor's website for more information and an application.

    1. Click the Colleges tab.

    2. Click the Enrichment

    Programs hyperlink under the College Research section.

    Graduation Project Status

    Check on the completion status of various tasks in the Graduation Project process and upload documents to have teachers check off that tasks have been completed when necessary,

    1. Click the My Planner tab.

    2. Click the Task Assigned To Me purple subtab.


    1. Click the About Me tab.

    2. Click the tasks hyperlink under the Graduation Project section.

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