Important Information from the School Nurse

  • Mrs. Kirby, our school nurse, would like to remind you of some very important HEALTH ROOM information for INCOMING 7th grade students. The following items should be attended to, as they may impact the ability of your child to continue attending school. They are as follows:

    • Dental examination by your dentist. The exam may be done up to one year prior to entry into 7th grade.

    • Completed 6th grade physical examination, including a current Scoliosis check or private exam.

    • Series of Hepatitis B of 3 vaccines/immunizations.

    • Evidence of having had chicken pox or the varicella vaccine.

    • Dental and Physical Forms are located in the SMS Main Office or Health Office.  If you have any questions regarding these items, please contact the school nurse at 235-4811 extension 3515.