• Shrewsbury Elementary School maintains an extensive collection of reference, reading, and supporting classroom materials for the benefit of students and faculty.  The primary goals of the elementary library program are to: (1) instill the joy of reading in every child; (2) provide a pleasant reading environment; (3) support the classroom teacher with curriculum matching materials; and (4) provide instruction in basic research skills.

    First, second, and third grade students visit the library two times per six-day cycle and fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students visit once. In addition, the school curriculum includes a program of library instruction. 

    Circulation Policy
    All checked materials are on a six-day check out cycle.  Students are expected to return books on their next scheduled library day.  Lost or damaged books are billed to the parent.  Many advance reminders are sent home, but as a last resort, report cards are held for non-returned materials or unpaid fines.  

    General and specific questions about library services should be directed to the school library staff at Extension 5500.