The Susquehannock High School Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary program that is available to offer supportive services to students experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties that may pose barriers to school success.

    Students can be referred to the SAP by parents/guardians, school personnel, peers, or through self-referrals.  Referrals can be made through the form below or by contacting your student’s school counselor or assistant principal directly.

    The program is run by the SAP Team which is comprised of specially trained teachers, administrators, school counselors, and mental health and/or drug and alcohol consultants.  

    The goal of the program is to work with students and their parents to offer support and recommendations.

    When a student is referred to the SAP program and permission is given, they will undergo team planning, referral and/or intervention, and then support and follow up.

    Parent and student involvement is vital in the SAP process. Where barriers are beyond the scope of the school, the team can provide information so that families may access community resources.  The initial assessments and school interventions are provided by credentialed SAP professionals free of charge. 



    SAP is an identification, intervention, and referral program.

    SAP is NOT a treatment, disciplinary, or long-term counseling program.