• Graduation Project

    The Graduation Project

    The Graduation Project must be successfully completed as part of the students’ graduation requirements. Students will work with school counselors and faculty to complete the project. In conjunction with the Career Seminar course and the Development Day Program, students will complete tasks that aid in career exploration. Those tasks include two field experiences, development of a career plan and resume, and a presentation of the students’ research. The goal of the project is to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate career information and communicate their knowledge and understanding of the researched career(s).


    In order to successfully complete the Graduation Project, the student must show completion of the following:

    1. Career Seminar Course
    2. Career Plan and Résumé
    3. Two Field Experiences
      1. Job Shadow, Career Fair, Education Visit, Education Fair or Career/College Visitor
    4. Oral Presentation and Portfolio Submission

    Guidelines & Requirements

    The Graduation Project may be completed any time beginning in 10th grade after taking the Career Seminar course, but no later than the end of the first semester of 12th grade less the student risk losing some student privileges.

    1. Project must demonstrate the student’s understanding of his or her chosen career path.
    2. The student must thoroughly complete the Graduation Checklist and have appropriate confirmation from staff on Naviance.