• What is an Articulation Agreement?

    An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement between two or more schools, which allows a student to apply credits earned in specific programs at one school toward advanced standing, entry, or transfer into a specific program at the other school. Articulation agreements are also called transfer agreements, transfer guides, or transfer pathways by various audiences.

    An articulation agreement can have several advantages for a student. It matches coursework between schools and so helps students make a smooth transition from one institution to another by minimizing duplication of coursework. If a community college, for instance, has an articulation agreement with a four-year institution, the student will know that if he or she takes the appropriate courses at the community college, then those courses will transfer for credit to the four-year college.

    Articulation agreements are between institutions, organizations, or schools and do not require the student to make individual arrangements. They are specific, formal, written agreements - agreed to and signed by participating colleges, universities, or organizations. Agreements may be updated often, so checking the college and university websites and admissions offices is important.

    It is recommended that students and their families look into articulation agreements in general as they can save money but they can be increasingly beneficial to first generation college goers. If there are barriers to your attending a desired four year school – such as finances, grades, or missing requirements – one way to eventually earn acceptance to this school is look into whether or not that school has an articulation agreement with a smaller college.

    Additionally, articulation agreements are very beneficial to consider when looking into for trade schools and technical programs. The ability to transfer many of your credits to another trade school or technical program in a worst-case scenario is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

    If you need more information about articulation agreements, please speak with your school counselor.