PHONE: (717) 235-4811 x4520 or x4521
                                                                            FAX: (717) 235-8253
                                                                  E-MAIL: shscounselor@sycsd.org

    Welcome to the SHS School Counseling Department Homepage. Here students and parents or guardians can find more information about the services that our department provides to our Warriors. This includes, but is not limited to, academic counseling, post-secondary planning, and socioemotional counseling. You will find areas dedicated to each of these areas to the left of this page with arrows designating where you may find a drop-down menu with more pages and information. 

    If you are an alumnus looking to request a transcript, you must do this in person or through e-mail. If making a request through email, you will need to include your name (maiden if married), the years that you attended SHS, year of graduation, and the name & address of the location that you need the transcript to be mailed or e-mailed. If you require further information or have any questions about this process please contact Samantha Whittie in the Counseling Office at samantha.whittie@sycsd.org or via phone at (717) 235-4811 ext. 4521.