Aevidum Club

    The Aevidum club's goal is to create positive mental health environments where all students feel accepted, appreciated, acknowledged, and cared for in schools and communities across the nation. The word Aevidum, which means "I've got your back," was created by students in Lancaster County. At the core of Aevidum is an educational philosophy that empowers students to take responsibility to make a difference. Aevidum students are encouraged to use their gifts and talents and to recognize the gifts and talents of their peers to create cultures of care in advocacy in their schools and communities. For more information, please contact Mr. Shervington (Counseling Office ext. 4524 or email or  Mr. Warren (Room 107 or email


    AEVIDUM BRACELETS (2019-2020)
    The Aevidum Club is partnering with the Athletic Department to sell Aevidum bracelets for $1.00 each. The purchase of this bracelet will allow any student wearing it to a Susquehannock High School sporting event to enter at 50% of the admission price (YAIAA Playoff Games excluded).

    While students are purchasing their Aevidum bracelets they will be prompted by Aevidum Club members to consider putting three phone numbers into their cell phones. The first number will be that of an adult they feel they can trust, the second number will be that of a friend that would drop anything to listen to them, and the third would be that of the Crisis Text Line (741-741). Students may often be faced with issues they themselves feel uncomfortable with or incapable of navigating and may need help. While Susquehannock’s School Counselors and Teachers can, and do, certainly strive to help students through these times. Students may feel comfortable talking with a friend first who can assist them or help them seek out an adult. Wearing this bracelet will be a constant reminder that have people who “have their back” – the Aevidum tagline.