Growing Tree Pre-School

  • Although in-person child care is not available this fall, virtual slides will be shared which will include high school students teaching lessons and reading books along with interactive activities in math, language arts, science, field trips, physical movement and music. If you would like to have these slides shared with you, we will need the child's name, age and your telephone number in order to make a school email for your child where we can send our slides. This cannot be used as a regular email and it’s only purpose is to open the slides. Our current plan is to have a few slides starting in October. The high school students need a purpose for their work. Since we cannot have real life experience with the children, working virtually with your child is the next best thing! Please consider receiving these slides. (These could be used even if you choose another place for your child.)

     We are very hopeful to be able to restart the preschool later this year or the beginning of next year. Please check back on the website or contact Mrs.Sandusky if you are still interested. 

    Any questions you may have about the Growing Tree Pre-School program should be directed to Mrs. Martha Sandusky at or (717) 235-4811, ext. 4901.