Peanut Free School


    Some students in our school have life threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.  Some students have such a high sensitivity to the proteins found in the nuts that even a trace amount from a known peanut/tree nut product or a food product/item that has come in contact with a peanut/tree nut source (cross contamination), is inhaled, or is ingested can result in a life threatening anaphylactic reaction.  The most serious reaction being respiratory difficulties, blockage of the airways, which if not medicated immediately, can lead to death.

    For the safety of our students, the Susquehannock High School cafeteria, the Susky Station, and our vending machine supplier have eliminated serving peanut/tree nut products and/or foods containing peanut/tree nut products.

    Our school anaphylaxis plan conforms to the State Medical/Health Support for Students Policy. The plan is designed to ensure that students at risk are identified, strategies are in place to minimize the potential for accidental exposure, and staff and key volunteers are trained to respond in an emergency situation.

    To provide the minimized allergen environment, we need the support and cooperation of all parents and guardians, our students and the school community.  Students will continue to be permitted to bring lunches and snacks that may contain peanuts/tree nuts, however, students will only be allowed to consume those products in the cafeteria.  Students were informed of these new changes in October 2016.  

    In the spirit of collaboration, we would ask parent(s) and guardian(s) to take time to discuss this issue with their child(ren) in an effort to assist us as we strive to maintain the safety of all our students.  Truly, this is a life saving measure.