Student Section - School Spirit


    The Susquehannock High School Student Section is promoting school spirit and unity at school events and activities this year through the newly-formed spirit committee.

    Created during the 2016-2017 by then senior, Casey Kummer, with the help of Athletic Director, Brad Keeney, to promote school spirit and support. “I want our senior class to be remembered as the ones who wanted to make a difference in the school,” said Kummer.

    The spirit club has quickly grown with students who want to bring “hype and excitement” to school events. The club consists of members from many areas of the school. “We have people from all different activities in the club: band, choir, video production, and sports, making it a diverse group of people with the ability to highlight every facet of Susquehannock,” Kummer said.

    For more information about the SHS Student Section, please contact Brad Keeney at