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  • September Principal's Corner

    What a great start to the 2022-23 school year! It has been exciting to get to know the students at SMS. To gain a better understanding from students about the start of the school year and the new Flex period at SMS, I surveyed students during lunch asking about their likes.

    This is what they said:

    “I like Flex because I can see friends from the other team.” Ryan, Grade 8

    “I like that we took time to get to know our whole team at the beginning of the year.” 

    Anna, Grade 8

    “I like Flex because I like having PE every other day.” Maya, Grade 8

    “I like Flex because it gives me time to think and do fun stuff.” Matt, Grade 8

    “I liked meeting new friends.” Dillion, Grade 8

    “I like that the teachers are very nice.” Pramit, Grade 8

    “I like Flex because it is good to do something different.” Jacob, Grade 8

    “I like that teachers give you time to get used to school and know each other.” Lydia, Grade 8

    “I like the projects that we are doing and group work. I like the station rotations in Science.” Joey, Grade 8

    “I like switching classes because I like to switch it up. I don’t like sitting in the same class all day.” Kyle, Grade 7

    “I like having classes with different friends.” Nicole, Grade 7

    “I like having a locker; I do not have to put everything in my backpack.” Maddie, Grade 7

    “I like my science teacher and his humor.” Alice, Grade 7

    “I like my Science teacher, too but Mrs. Chronister makes history fun.” Michael, Grade 7

    “I like Flex because it wakes me up. I also like EBD because I will be able to use a machine. We are creating a boot for a student with special needs.” Grant, Grade 7

    “I like my Flex class because it has a lot of movement; it wakes me up. I like that we can walk to the bus at the end of the day.” Landon, Grade 7

    “ I like that we have more freedom and do more things. I like practical art classes and it is fun to learn to use the machines. Flex makes you think and gives you a challenge.”  Cesare, Grade 7

    “I like EBD because you can do things instead of just being shown.” James, Grade 7

    I was impressed by how eager students were to share their thoughts and be included in the parent newsletter. Their input is important and appreciated. I look forward to more of their insights throughout the school year. Thank you for sending SMS your children each day.


    Melissa Bell, Ed. D


    • SMS Picture Day: 9/27
    • PTSO & Principal Advisory Meeting: 9/14 6:30 pm, SMS Library
    • Early Dismissal: 9/23 11:44 am
    • End of Marking Period 1: 9/23
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Oct 5 & 6 (Evening); Oct 7 (Morning)
    • No School: Oct 10
    • 7th Grade Dance: Oct 21 6-8 pm
    • 8th Grade Dinner & Formal Dance: April 21, 2023


    AM Drop off: All SMS car traffic should enter through the back entrance to access the middle school drop-off area. For the safety of all and to ease traffic congestion, please follow staff directions. Additional information can be found HERE concerning parking procedures. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

     Southern Middle School Counseling: Parent/Guardian Survey 2022

    To assist the counseling department with getting to know each of your children, please complete the following brief survey HERE


    Melissa Bell, Principal 
    Greg Goble, Assistant Principal