• Shrewsbury Elementary School PTO Meeting November 12th, 2019 Minutes

    Attendance: Theresa Slemp, Lisa Manry, Dr Dankosky, Mrs. Allen, Linda Tanner, Amy Herzog, Tiffany Parrish, Dan Feeser, Liana Feeser, Caroline Wilson, Kristen McGovern, Amy Hall, Christine Anderson, Debbi Velez, Kelly Jarvis, Madison Schreyer, Danielle Weaver-Watts, Tanya Dozier, Laura Piercy, Noelle Wilson, Melanie Kane

    Welcome: Theresa Slemp opened by welcoming everyone, and introducing an ice warmer game.

    Principal’s Report: Dr. Dankosky spoke about American Education visitation days going well and welcoming a total of 526 visitors, Noelle Wilson mentioned maybe moving to Thursday and Friday next year, Dr. Dankosky mentioned it was actually a week early and Veterans Day helped some parents have off work and be able to attend;

    Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up fast and to sign up if you haven’t already;

    Mrs Garver was recognized as an outstanding teacher;

    Mr. VanVorst is in the upcoming basketball team game coming up;

    Santa Breakfast currently run by staff but wondering if PTO would like to take over, brings in a lot and they just don’t need it, PTO can shadow and learn, Linda Tanner mentioned worry about volunteers, Dr. Dankosky mentioned a lot of staff will still keep helping, all in favor to take over the Santa Breakfast next year;

    presented the wheel for social and emotional learning, all staff received, here to help students have what they need to enter the workforce one day

    Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Allen spoke about conferences coming up, how thankful they are to receive the teacher dinner the PTO provides and it makes it so much easier on them

    Approval of Meeting Minutes (Oct. 9th 2019): Approved first by Kelly Jarvis, 2nd by Linda Tanner; Theresa Slemp mentioned the minutes will now come out within 24hrs to a week to everyone who opted in to the PTO emails and to anyone who provides the email address at sign in at PTO meetings.

    Vote for Treasurer for remainder of 2019-20 School Year: Motion to vote for Christine Anderson as new Treasurer passed first by Mealine Kane, second by Caroline Wilson. All in Favor- motion passed. Christine Anderson will be new treasurer.

    Treasurer’s Report: Theresa Slemp presented current deductions; thanked Dan Feeser for doing our taxes Committee Reports:

    ● Magical Catalog - ends Friday 11/15, we just pushed this one out, number on the order form was wrong and parents were calling a previous PTO president, raised $500 so far

    ● Spirit Wear - Amy Hall mentioned there were $5000 in sales, and the PTO got $2 per item, will have the invoice and more information soon to tell us how much the PTO made; spoke about still having people interested in buying, possibility of a mini online store opening in winter, maybe doing another one in Spring; orders should come in just before or just after Fall Break

    Winter Decorations - Lisa Manry spoke about everything being ready for the day, how great it was helpers came in and cut together and got all that done, LIU will be getting their own decorations with their grade level instead of the bear again, Liana Feeser will be helping in the Science room, still could use volunteers

    ● Teacher Dinner - Theresa Slemp mentioned Amy Herzog helping; Sons of Sicily opening special Monday 11/25 to prepare the food for the teachers; no pizza, serving lasagna, ziti, meatballs from 5-7pm, can still use two helpers that evening; Giving gift baskets out to the teachers as a surprise that evening with snacks for Tuesday.

    ● Skate Night - Caroline Wilson spoke about having this event at Roll-R-Way, not a fundraiser as much as a fun night for the families and kids; $3 to pre register and $4 at the door; would love extra help

    December Dates- Theresa Slemp mentioned all our upcoming December dates, there is no meeting in December 12/5 - Sons of Sicily Spirit day from 11am- 10pm, Fun Run pizza prize party will be the same day to take advantage of that spirit day 12/9-12/13 - Ag Mobile sign up will be coming out soon, 1 person per shift needed 12/11 - Chick-fil-a Spirit Night from 5-8pm 12/13 & 12/14 -Junk Drive, need to look more into, considered switching to Spring 12/14 - Book Fair day, April Khoshtinat is running and finding out more information about this tonight at 5pm New Business:

    ● Communication - Theresa Slemp mentioned that we are doing what we can to improve PTO communication; opt in to the email, only 34 signed up and some are spouses; anyone coming to PTO meetings will be added automatically if they provide their email address at sign in; district webpage now has a spot for us on it; minutes & agenda will be going out, and the newsletter link in Dr. Dankosky’s email; within a week minutes will be finished;

    ● Tiffany Parrish thanked everyone for their support, volunteering and donations, that we can’t run events without volunteers and it’s appreciated

    ● Noelle Wilson mentioned the temperature will be changing again, they go outside until the real feel temperature is 25, so there were some cold kids on the playground today; make sure to pack gloves, hats, and heavy coats; will make a Facebook post reminding

    ● Theresa Slemp mentioned a great Grandpals Day, thank you to Kelly Jarvis for the food and help and thanks to Lisa Manry for organizing; thanked Melanie Kane for a wonderful Science Night and that it was so much fun

    ● Mrs. Allen mentioned adding photos to the Skipple app for the yearbook Meeting adjourned at 7:27 pm… next meeting Wednesday January 8th, 2020 at 6:30pm


    Shrewsbury Elementary PTO Meeting Agenda Wednesday, January 8th 2020 – 6:30pm

    Welcome – Theresa Slemp

    Principal’s Report – Mr. Robert VanVorst

    Teacher’s Report – Mrs. Allen Approval of Meeting Minutes (November 12th 2019)

    Treasurer’s Report – Christine Anderson

    Committee Reports November/ December Re-cap ? winter decorations, teacher dinner, roll-r-way, spirit days (SOS & CFA), Ag mobile, Santa Breakfast, book fair Spirit Night Committee –

    Laser Alleys York PA 1/19 6pm-8pm Box Tops Crew – Collection dates 2/18 – 2/21 ??

    Paint Night – Melinda S. 2/27 in the PM – helpers needed 

    Book Fair – April & Olivia – week of 3/2/20

    Movie Night – Sara W. 3/20 6:30pm – helpers & we need to choose a movie  Ideas: Toy Story 4, Frozen II, other suggestions? Something older?

    Family Breakfast – Monday, 5/4 (A – L) and Tuesday, 5/5 (M – Z) Theresa Slemp Amy Herzog Will be looking for helpers 

    Junk Drive – late April/early May – a Friday/Sat AM – start saving your items – bags of clothing bring in the most $ per pound. New Business – 

    Our next meeting will be on Wednesday February 19th, 2020 at 6:30pm