• The Southern York County School Board asked the administration to conduct a study to allow time for thoughtful discussion, research, and analysis with stakeholder input on the current District Native American Logo. This study only focused on  the imagery logo and was not a change to the name of the high school or the name Warrior.

    Over the last several months, a committee of 50 individuals (students, staff, parents, Board Directors) took extensive time to educate themselves on the following three topics:

    1. The history and research of the Susquehannock Tribe and the origin of the high school name
    2. Current curriculum components of the tribe history and overall cultural awareness of diverse groups in order to provide recommended additions
    3. Perspectives on the current logo from all stakeholders

    At a public meeting on April 15, 2021, the School Board voted to retire the District’s current Native American logo.  As part of that decision, the District administration was tasked to form a committee to determine a fiscally responsible timetable to replace the existing logo throughout the District.  This transition will take time, particularly with any changes made to school facilities which would take place as building renovations or construction occur.  The District is excited about the development of a new logo, and intends to actively seek student input in its design and development.

    We would like to thank the Committee for its outstanding effort. Individuals entered the study in a reflective, problem solving manner, to seek to grow and understand other perspectives. The full concluding report can be found here.

    As the District moves forward as one Warrior Family, we will continue to be strong, inclusive, and empathetic while making a difference in the lives of every student, one Warrior at a time!