• SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

    There will be three phases to the project which will take approximately three years to complete. Currently major construction is planned to begin in March 2022.  

    • Addition
    • Renovation
    • Demolition 

    The first phase of the Project will be the new addition to the high school. This will eliminate the need for trailers as they are inconvenient and expensive as well as provide a space for the students to move to when the second phase, renovation, begins. Once the first two phases are completed, the students will have access to both the addition, and the renovated areas of the building. At that time, phase three, demolition of the outdated areas of the building will occur. (Phase three will not occur when students are in the building.)  

    After receiving acceptable bids, we are recommending a special school board meeting on November 4. The meeting’s purpose is exclusively to approve bids and other items needed to move forward with the Project.  

    The following are revised dates for board meetings: 

    October 16: Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting has been canceled to allow us to receive bids and hold a meeting on November 17 with complete information. 

    October 16: 7:00 pm Regular Board Meeting  

    November 4: 7:00 pm - Special Board Meeting for SHS Project approval items

    November 17: 6:30 pm - Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting at 6:30 immediately followed by Finance and Budget Committee Meeting. 

    November 18: 7:00 pm Regular Board Meeting  

    Along with the frequent communications with Project updates, we will continue to update the Project page on the website. Please know your childrens’ safety is our top priority and we will ensure everyone stays safe during construction. We are excited to share the progress of this massive undertaking with everyone.

Photograph of information regarding Susquehannock High School Renovation