Public Information and Student Transportation


    Mark RillMark Rill, Coordinator of Public Information and Student Transportation

    Julie DelozierJulie Delozier,
    Student Transportation Specialist

    Artemas Mott Artemas Mott
    Public Information Specialist

    The Southern York County School District’s Marketing, Public Information, and Student Transportation Department plans, develops, organizes, and administers the District’s public information and student transportation. The department also facilitates a variety of public information and community relations activities, events, projects, as well as internal and external communication plans.
    As the communication link to its stakeholders, this office disseminates external communication through its website, email, social media, Warrior TV, various publications, and the local news media.
    The District provides student transportation services to resident public and private school students in accordance with Board policy and law. General and specific information about student transportation services can be obtained at extension 7350. Services are provided by contractual arrangement with First Student, Inc., York County School of Technology, and Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12.

    Student Transportation Overview

    The Southern York County School District school bus transportation system is a massive operation. In a district of 66 square miles, 43 vehicles (including 27 buses, 6 mini-buses, 2 lift mini-bus, and 8 nine-passenger vans) transport approximately 3,000 students to various district and non-public schools. On each school day, these vehicles travel over 2,600 miles providing services for preschool students, educational field trips, athletic trips, activity buses, and special education classes. Each student is required by the Board of Education to adhere to the rules of conduct outlined in their student handbook and School District Policy #810. Non-compliance with these rules will result in consequences including the loss of bus riding privileges and/or suspension. Book bags, back packs, projects, and musical instruments are permitted on the bus; however, for the safety of our students, they must be of size and weight suitable for being held on the lap of the students. 

    First Student, Inc. aids the Southern York County School District in maintaining the safety of its students by obtaining video and audio recordings of all behavior on its buses.  As a result, students and their parents/guardians are informed that they should not expect any conversations or behavior to be exempt from this recordation.

    Questions or concerns should be directed to the Student Transportation Office by phone at 235-4811 ext 7350.

    Description of Fleet:

    • 27 Full-size buses
    • 6 Mini-buses
    • 2 Wheelchair mini-bus
    • 8 Nine-passenger vans


    • 2600 miles per day
    • 66 square miles

    Service provided for:

    • 3000 SYCSD students to five buildings
    • 71 private school students to six schools


    The Southern York County School District has partnered with the community to help support its academic programs. Since 2012, businesses have sponsored stadium and gymnasium signs at Susquehannock High School and helped support the District with sponsorships on its cable channel, website, and through District publications.

    Businesses and organizations may increase their profile in the community by sponsoring signs, airing video sponsorships on Warrior TV Cable Channel 99, purchasing space on the District’s website, and within District publications, such as The Southern Way and the District’s yearly calendar.

    • Sponsorships include 96”x42” field signs for the Robert Lau Memorial Field, at an annual rate of $500 per sign
    • Susquehannock High School 4’x8’ gymnasium signs, which are placed on either side of the scoreboards and cost $2,500 annually per sign 
    • 60, 30-second Warrior TV sponsorships, which cost $250
    • Website sponsorships for $5,000 per year
    • District newsletter half-page sponsorships for a fee of $250 per issue
    • District’s annual calendar, which costs $2,000 for a full-page color advertisement

    For information about District sponsorships, please click here.

    Warrior TV

    Warrior TV is a District-wide student-run education and information channel, serving the households in the Southern York County School District through Comcast cable services Channel 99. The mission is to keep residents informed about District activities, provide a creative outlet for students, and offer informational programming that supports the classroom environment.

    As part of Warrior TV, students produce four main shows, which include Southern Spotlight, Warrior News, Alumni Pride, and Warrior Chat. These programs are available for viewing though the District’s official YouTube site. YouTube supports nearly all devices such as PC, Mac, Smart Phones, Tablets, and is free to use. Students serve as anchors, work the camera, DVD player, audio and light boards, and also serve as video mixers.

    Southern Spotlight is a news magazine show, consisting of a variety of feature stories. Warrior News is a newscast, featuring events, activities and interviews in the District. Warrior Chat is designed to give the community a glimpse of the many things occurring in the school district. 

    Alumni Pride, a spin-off of Warrior Chat, focuses on Susquehannock High School graduates, who reminisce about their years at Southern and describe their lives since graduating from Susquehannock.

    Other components of Warrior TV include broadcasts/re-broadcasts of Board of Education meetings along with Special Features, including concerts, athletics, awards ceremonies, and other student oriented events.

    Click here to access the District YouTube channel.


    Community Education

    Throughout the year, the Southern York County School District offers a variety of enrichment classes for students and adults. Adult Education classes, held in the afternoon and evening, include physical fitness, wellness, and enrichment programs.

    Through a partnership with the Southern Branch YMCA, adults may participate in many physical fitness classes at a reduced cost.  Physical fitness classes consist of sports and exercise classes. This allows the District to keep its prices down while offering classes through the YMCA’s certified staff.

    As part of their membership fee, YMCA members may take these exercise classes at a reduced cost or free of charge, depending on the location of the class.

    For more information about the Adult Education program, please click here.

    Student Enrichment programs take place after school and in the evening and allow students to explore a variety of topics in greater detail.

    For more information about the Student Enrichment program, please click here.