Safety and Security

    Dio Mendez, School Security
    As School Security, I am committed to working for Southern York County School District and working with local residents, student transportation, Southern Regional Police Department, and emergency services to make our district safe. I also mentor students who need positive role models and promote diversity and acceptance to make our schools more welcoming. If you have questions or concerns regarding our campus or parking violations please contact me at 235-4811 ext. 7349 or email
    District Safety Committee
    The District Safety Committee meets once a month to discuss District-wide safety issues. The committee also conducts safety inspections, staff training, and assists in developing new ideas to keep staff and students safe.
    District Emergency Procedures Committee
    The District Emergency Procedures Committee meets regularly to outline the responsibilities and duties of the District and its employees in the development and maintenance of emergency operations plans. Developing, maintaining, and exercising these plans empowers employees in an incident to act quickly and knowledgeably. District emergency operations plans are based on the National Incident Management System and allow for complete integration with first responders and law enforcement through the Incident Command System framework. The committee representatives include employees of the District, local law enforcement, county emergency management, fire departments, and community members.
    Threat Assessment
    The threat assessment policy adopted by Southern York County School Board is available here.