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Mobile Agriculture Science Lab Visits Friendship Elementary School

Ag Mobile

Did you know that agriculture is Pennsylvania’s leading industry and that one in seven Pennsylvania jobs is agriculture related? Many students do not make the connection between agriculture and the food on their table. The Ag-Mobile is designed to educate students on the importance of the industry.


The Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation, a division of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, brought the Ag-Mobile to the students at Friendship Elementary School. The students participated in hands-on science experiments tailored to their grade level that focused on farm, food, fiber, and environment. These experiments gave them a better understanding of the scientific process and heightened their awareness of farming’s importance in their lives. Experiments included making plastic from cornstarch, creating crayons, germinating seeds and learning how bugs eat.


Ruth Smith has been teaching with the Ag-Mobile for nine years and has seen the same students year after year in the lab. “Students are engaged at every grade level. They can tell you what experiment they performed last year and are still excited about it,” she said.


Agriculture education is necessary to ensure the continued health of this vital Pennsylvania industry and helps students see how farming affects their daily lives.