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Elementary Students Advance in National Geographic Bee

Students in grades four, five, and six at Friendship, Southern, and Shrewsbury Elementary Schools participated in this year’s National Geographic Bee.

Geo Bee Winners

The National Geographic Bee state qualifying test is given to all fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.  Students in each of the elementary schools from each grade level advanced to the preliminary round of competition. Students answered questions on United States geography, state geography, American cities, continents and oceans, and cultural geography. The top ten finalists within each school moved on to the championship round to determine the first, second, and third place winners.


The winners from Friendship Elementary School are as follows:

  • First place:  Elizabeth Morgan, 6th grade
  • Second place:  Harrison Mabon, 6th grade
  • Third place:  Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards, 6th grade

The winners from Shrewsbury Elementary School are as follows:

  • First place:  Stephanie Walker, 6th grade
  • Second place:  Mac Schaffer, 5th grade
  • Third place:  Jack Hammond, 5th grade

The winners from Southern Elementary School are as follows:

  • First place:  Tessa Myers, 5th grade
  • Second place:  Mike Caum, 6th grade
  • Third place: Caleb Ross, 5th grade

The first place winners from each school took the national written test to qualify for the next level of competition.  The National Geographic Bee is an annual competition organized by the National Geographic Society.  Winners on the national level compete for a chance to win a college scholarship and a prize trip.