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SHS Seniors Create Ethical Dilemma Digital Books to Share with SES Students

The 12th graders in Ms. Carr’s English class created digital children’s books that deal with ethical dilemmas. Then they went to Southern Elementary School to read the books to second and third graders.


The story plots revolve around dilemmas such as lying, cheating, and bullying. “The students are learning how to identify difficult situations and the best ways to handle them,” said Carr. After they read the book, the high school students asked the young students a series of questions to gauge their understanding of the book. They asked if they could relate the dilemma to a situation in their own lives and talked about the importance of making good choices in life.


Seniors Eli Wetzel, Abigail Grim, and Audra Thomas shared a story about not judging someone you have just met by their looks. They related it to when a new student comes to school and asked the second graders if they had experienced meeting a new student. “Even if they can’t relate to the specific dilemma in the story, we hope they learn not to judge others,” said Grim.


Second grade teacher, Mrs. Krause said, “These stories teach my students problem solving, and how to work with others. They are given real world scenarios and relatable situations to think about and talk out.”