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Lisa Williams, Susquehannock High School Class of 2004, Presents to Physical Science Classes

Susquehannock High School Physical Science classes recently had a career visit from Lisa Williams, a 2004 Susquehannock High School graduate. Williams is now a Technical Solutions Engineer for Spectro Scientific.


Williams spoke about her 11th Grade Chemistry Teacher at Susquehannock High School, Mr. Leese, and how he helped her realize she could excel in the field of chemistry. Today, she helps companies from Chicago to Thailand understand how their engine oil is performing. “Chemistry is everywhere and can be applied in nearly any situation,” Williams said.


Jennie Bonitz, Susquehannock High School Chemistry Teacher, asked Williams to come speak to students to help them realize that science isn’t just in the classroom. “Even if they don’t plan on becoming scientists, they will still use science in their everyday lives,” Bonitz said.


Williams shared the top job skills that employers are looking for: critical thinking and complex problem solving are number one and number two on the list. Bonitz said, “Our students are practicing those skills in science class and will use them in their future careers regardless of what field they enter.”