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Students from Southern York County School District Accepted Into The Organization of American Kodaly Educators Choirs

Nineteen students from Southern York County School District have recently been accepted into the Organization of American Kodaly Educators Choirs for their National Conference.


These nineteen students are:  Patrick O’Brien, Mark Hall, and Madeleine Gilbert from Southern Elementary School, Harrison Mabon, Troy Engle, and Leah Monk from Friendship Elementary School, Grace Hall, Caroline Dumm, Lilly Wojcik, Mackenzie Dryden, Dylan Elliott, Elizabeth Engle, and Cordelia Jenkins from Southern Middle School, and Carly Farmer, Julia Kelbaugh, Tyler Elliott, Grace Hartenstein, Diana Kelbaugh, and Juliana Quintilian from Susquehannock High School.


The National Conference is an annual four day event occurring in a different city each year throughout the United States. This year’s conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio, March 20-24, 2019.


There are four audition based National Conference Choirs, each led by a nationally renowned conductor. Accepted singers will learn and memorize the music at home with their own teachers before going to the conference to perform. Students who have been selected to participate in the National Choirs will perform at the conference on Saturday, March 23, 2019.