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Shrewsbury Elementary Teachers Use Grant Money for Coding and Robotics

Shrewsbury Elementary second grade teachers Mrs. Jordan, Ms. Bunch, Ms. Erb, and Mrs. Flynn received an Innovative Grant through the Southern York County School District Foundation for robotics and coding with SPRK Robots. Mrs. Jordan also received a grant from York County Alliance for Learning for robotics and coding with LEGO WE.DO kits. Mrs. Jordan said, “We are very thankful for the robots and how we have been able to use coding and STEM in all areas of our curriculum.”


The students are using the SPRK kits to create maps of stories. Then they code the robot to follow story characters on a map. They also coded the robot to identify and speak each part of a food chain.


The LEGO kits are being used to enable the students to create and code a volcano alert system, which includes an alarm that sounds during an eruption. Students were also able to design, create, and code a bee that pollinated flowers.


“These kits make learning real and help students to make connections that they wouldn’t have made,” said Mrs. Jordan. “This self-directed learning makes science more interesting and the students are excited and engaged,” she added.