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Measles Information

The PA Department of Health is monitoring and sharing information about two recent cases of measles in York County:

Measles is an acute viral disease that is spread through air or contact with items contaminated by throat or nasal secretions. Measles disease is characterized by:

  • Fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes;
  • Spots, which may appear on the inner lining of cheeks and lips within two or three days;
  • A red, blotchy rash that appears on the face then spreads body-wide in days three through seven after symptoms onset;
  • Other symptoms may include no appetite, swollen lymph nodes and diarrhea (especially in infants);

The Department of Health has advised to consider measles as a diagnosis in anyone with a fever rash illness lasting three days or more, a temperature of 101ºF or higher, and symptoms of cough and red, watery eyes, particularly if the patient was potentially exposed to a case of measles or has recently traveled to an area with an on-going measles outbreak.

While most people are not at risk because they have been immunized or have had measles, the following groups of individuals are susceptible to becoming infected with measles:

  • Anyone born since 1957 who has not received two doses of live measles-containing vaccine (MMR), which would include infants too young to have been immunized; persons who were vaccinated with an inactivated vaccine, which was used from 1963 through 1967, and have not been re-vaccinated; and those who refused vaccination.     
  • Persons whose immune systems are compromised due to disease or medication.

Please contact your physician if you have concerns about susceptibility to measles and/or symptoms of measles.