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Southern Middle School Students Compete in Spelling Bee

Twenty one Southern Middle School students recently participated in a spelling bee. Natalia Ramirez-Snell, Mackenzie Dryden, George Ellis, David Koval, and Maria De Pastina made it to round seven. The students spelled difficult words such as “vortices” and “absorptive”.  David Koval and Mackenzie Dryden were left to battle it out in round ten for the chance to be the champion.  Eighth grader, Mackenzie Dryden became the first place champion after she successfully spelled the championship word “carborane”.


The top four champions of the Southern Middle School Spelling Bee have been invited to Harrisburg to further their spelling quest with a semi-final regional spelling bee with students from 10 counties from Central Pennsylvania. The semi-final regional spelling bee will be a paper and pencil test at WITF in Harrisburg on January 19, 2020.  The top spellers of this test will be in a televised Grand Championship Spelling Bee on March 14, 2020.