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Susquehannock High School Alum Helps With Culinary Chemistry Project

Susquehannock High School class of 2008 alum Mr. Jeff Schultz visited Mrs. Bonitz’s Chemistry 2 class to help with their culinary chemistry project. Mr. Schultz showed the class how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen. 


“I hope the students come away with a better understanding of how food is created and made versus just buying things from the store and the science behind creating food,” said Schultz. He added, “I can come back, use all the knowledge that I have gained since graduating, and show the kids what they can push themselves to become.”


The next day Mr. Schultz and the students went to Southern Elementary to teach the fifth grade classes about the chemistry in their food.  They discussed the chemistry behind how bread rises, air frying, and liquid nitrogen ice cream.


SHS chemistry student Julia A. Thomas said, “I think the fifth graders will learn that every day we have something to do with chemistry like eating and baking and that something so simple as cooking is actually chemistry and very complex.”