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Southern York County School District Awarded Grant for Safety and Security

The Southern York County School District was recently awarded $353,460 from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) to enhance ongoing initiatives towards the safety and security of the school community.  The District identified the need for greater focus on social and emotional learning, including the need to develop a trauma-informed approach to the education of their students.  SYCSD’s intent is to foster a community that promotes a safe, stable, and nurturing learning environment. 


The District will use grant funds to; continue to train staff on how to create caring and responsible students for future success; continue to train teachers to meet student needs as individuals while developing resiliency; add another school psychologist to provide therapeutic support for students; provide additional CPR and AED training to provide a safe and secure environment. 


Dr. Robert Bryson, SYCSD Assistant Superintendent, said, “The District is extremely grateful to receive the additional grant funding.  We know that our local employers are seeking employees that are resilient, empathetic, and have the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse workforce.” He added, “The District's holistic approach to developing each child's self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships, and social problem-solving skills is a proven strategy for preparing each child for a successful future while also addressing current mental health challenges.”